Vector engineering

About us

We beliveve in sustainability and growth

The resources are scarce. The climate, the raw materials and the people we affect are all important resources, all of which we treat from a sustainable point of view. We wish to create solutions that inflict the least amount of damage and create the best possible basis for sustainable growth – economical as well as human. We want to create good, economical results for ourselves and for our customers. In that way, we ensure competitive power and strengthen the possibility of being able to further develop the companies and the people, we employ. 

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Vector support these FNs world goals among others.

The Vector team

Rikke Thorsøe

Finance Controller


Senior Project Manager

Mads Stisen Gjanderup

Sale Manager, Senior Project Manager & six sigma black belt


Project Manager and Product Developer

Lisa Limbrecht Olesen

Mechanical Engineer Student Assistant


Technical Senior Project Manager

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Kartsen Bentley nørtoft

Senior Technical Project Manager

Andreas Slavensky

Lean facilitator & Six Sigma Black Belt Coach Associated